Commissions & Installations (over 60 worldwide)

The below gallery features images of Andrea's work within professionally designed corporate and residential spaces.  The initial phase of planning and consultation is to discuss the purpose of the painting, and the match between the artist and the clients interests, and to review the artists portfolio and a placement for the painting with consideration of size and fit. Once an idea is agreed upon, a deposit is made which insures a spot on Andrea’s schedule. Depending on the volume of work, the length of planning and the need for photographing the turnaround time is typically two to four months. Initial consultation is complimentary. Commissions can be done from a distance and in coordination with all representing galleries.



Submerged Garden acrylic face mounted and oil and encaustic (right). Private collection

Art Book, HUMAN NATURE Submerged

Mono prints with mirror frames, Private Collection

Hugs, Wild Horse Print, acrylic face mounted

Oil and encaustic (left) and Mixed media, etched acrylic, resin, backlit LED lights, metal frame. Private collection

Oil and encaustic, (left), mono print and Submerged Garden print on paper (right). Private collection

Andrea Bonfils, proofing 10 ft acrylic prints, Hotel installation

At Home Magazine, Designer's Own Homes

Show House LA, Flower, Float and Fly Diptych Photo Montage, Standoff hardware